Questions about the company

  • Why did you decide to create this kind of system?

    The FOFX project started with one question: "Is it possible to offer a cheaper product to clients?". This has led to a reduction in the middle margin (commission) by at least one, leading to the provision of "overwhelmingly low price" products that do not involve securities companies.

  • Where is your license?

    セーシェル共和国です。 The Republic of Seychelles. We chose a country that boasts the world's highest level of screening for financial licenses. The first priority is to ensure a sense of security from the clients' perspective.

  • What is the LP direct price rate?

    When you trade, you will always trade at the rate through the securities company. The LP direct rate is the rate that does not involve securities companies.
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  • What is the leverage ratio?

    It's 200x.
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  • How can I start trading?

    you will need to (1) Open an account, and (2)Download MT4. For more details, you can follow the steps here.
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